School of Thought Ep. 1: Abnormal Formal

Welcome to School of Thought’s first episode! In this episode, host Dominique Draaijer discusses why winter formal is being postponed and how it impacts students at Carlmont.

Guest speaker Katelyn Nightengale, a member of Carlmont’s student body Dance Commission, explains the newly revised plan behind the rescheduled formal and conveys the uncertainty of the new Omicron variant and how it impacted the postponing of the formal. Delfina Bianchi, a student at Carlmont, shares her opinion on the situation and stresses the importance of having a formal.

Winter formal is now being held at 7 p.m. in the Fox Theatre on Mar. 4, 2022. You can buy tickets at school during the week of Feb. 14 and Feb. 28. Thank you for listening, and see you next time!