School of Thought Ep. 2: Mask Off Ft. Zara Dijcks (California Remix)

Welcome to School of Thought’s second episode! In this episode, host Dominique Draaijer discusses the possibility of the mask mandate in schools being lifted and how it impacts students at Carlmont.

Guest speaker Zara Dijcks, a freshman at Carlmont High School, shares her thoughts on the pros and cons of wearing masks to school, but unfortunately, doctors and other medical professionals aren’t permitted to share their opinions on the situation due to how political and controversial the topic is. Dominique Draaijer talks about the procedure districts must go through before lifting the mask mandate in schools. 

California will decide whether or not to lift the mask mandate for students and staff on campus on Feb. 28, 2022. If the mandate is lifted, it comes down to what San Mateo County and the Sequoia Union High School District feel is safest for Carlmont. Thanks for listening, and see you next time!