Complex Mindz Season 2 Ep. 1: Suicidal Thoughts

Content Warning: This episode contains topics that may be triggering for some listeners. Hello, and welcome back to season two of the Complex Mindz podcast! This season hosts Lucy Lopshire and Catherine Eikelbarner will focus on different disorders under the same category. For example, topics of suicidal thoughts and ideation will run throughout some episodes and various types of eating disorders in others.

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and as this is a grave and important topic to discuss, the hosts thought it would be beneficial to release a series of episodes about spreading awareness and suicidal thoughts. Returning guest from the Depression episode in season one shares their experiences with suicide, with the hosts, and breaks down what can go through the mind of someone going through that crisis. For anyone experiencing an immediate crisis, please call the Suicide Hotline; at 988.

Although closed-in topics will be the focus this season, please feel free to reach out to us @[email protected] if there are any suggested topics you would like us to cover. As always, thank you so incredibly much for listening, and we will see you soon!