The Tune Talk Ep. 5: Alternative

Alternative, a sub-genre of rock, and similar to indie, was created for musicians that felt like their music didn’t fit the stereotypical rock music. Alternative music peaked in the 70s and 90s in hotspots like the US and the UK. Bands like Talking Heads, Gorillaz, and Nirvana are just some of the few bands that dominated this genre. Tune in to this episode of The Tune Talk where host Isabel Wright and sophomore Natalie Dronskiy talk about alternative music!

Check out the music we discussed in this episode below!


Music used in this episode:

My Honey by masked man

Kiwi by alanfor

Meet Me At Our Spot by THE ANXIETY

Pretty Boy by the Neighbourhood

Juliet by Cavetown

Tessellate by alt-J

All I Think About Now by Pixies